Bicycle Patrol


     The Endicott Police Department has 3 NYS certified Bike Patrol Officers.  These officers are specially trained to patrol the parks and playgrounds of our community enforcing Village Code and Park curfews.  They also respond to complaints involving loud parties, music or disorderly behavior.  Officers assigned to bike patrol can normally get closer to crimes in progress without being observed than motor patrols can.


Endicott Bomb Squad

     The Endicott Bomb Squad is also a multi-jurisdictional unit consisting of police officers and a Fire Fighter from the Village of Endicott. The bomb squad meets the needs of our Village as well as surrounding communities.  The bomb squad responds to incidents involving suspected improvised explosive devices as well as seizure and disposal of fireworks and unwanted/outdated ammunition.  The squad is accredited through the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  This accreditation allows the squad to seek funding through federal grant monies. 

 Police Canine Unit

In December of 2008, Police Canine (K-9) Tarah was added to the department.  K-9 Tarah was purchased from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dog Service with donations from the Southern Tier Canine Association and a private donor.  K-9 Tarah along with her handler, Officer Vanek, have achieved the following certifcations:

  • New York State as a Tracking Dog and an Advanced Police Narcotics Detection Dog. 
  • Eastern Police Canine Association Incorporated as a Police Narcotics Dog I, and as an Advanced Narcotics Detection Team Police Narcotics Dog II. 
  • United States Police Canine Association as a Drug Detector Team 
  • North American Police Work Dog Association as a Drug Detector Team
  • International Police Working Dog Association for Narcotic Detector Dog Team and Narcotic Courier Dog Team. A Narcotic Courier Dog conducts scans of people and there are very few teams that have achieved this certification.


K-9 Tarah and her handler are the only team in Broome County and surrounding counties to have achieved all of these certifications.  K-9 Tarah continues to be a valuable addition to the Endicott Police Force as we continue our fight against drug crimes.


     The Endicott Police Department is part of a joint Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team with the Broome County Sheriffs Department. This team is composed of entry personnel, crisis negotiators, snipers and tactical medics from the Union Volunteer Emergency Squad.  The team is utilized for the resolution of high-risk incidents such as hostage situations, barricaded subjects and high-risk warrant executions.  The SWAT Team trains bi-monthly and these officers possess specialized training which assist them with their unique duties on this elite team.