The Endicott Police Department has several divisions to which our officers are assigned.   These divisions each have specific assignments and duties which working together create a multi-faceted, highly versatile police service to our community.

Patrol Division

     The Patrol Division is composed of 19 full-time officers, 1 full-time Lieutenant and 2 full-time Sergeants.  The Patrol Division is composed of our first line officers who respond to both emergency and non-emergency calls for service. These officers work 24 hours per day, on a 3 shift schedule, providing around the clock police protection to the Village of Endicott residents. Patrol officers drive the streets of our Village looking for criminal offenses as they occur, responding to calls for assistance through Broome County Dispatching/the Emergency 911 System, and enforcing the Vehicle and Traffic Laws of the State of New York. Our Patrol officers are our first line of defense and our first offense against any criminals who may choose to violate the laws of the State of New York.

Detective Division

The Detective Division is charged with the responsibility of handling almost all felony's that occur in the Village and following up on cases which require specialized training or are going to be so time intensive that a patrol officer could not dedicate the proper time necessary to complete the case.  Where most cases handled by this department can be closed by officers within an eight-hour shift, or by the end of the next day, most of the complaints assigned to the Detective Division take days, weeks or even months to complete.  The Detective Division is currently composed of 3 full-time investigators and a Detective Lieutenant.  

Juvenile Division

     Within the Detective Division is the Juvenile Division. This Division has one investigator who is specially trained to address the needs of the youth and their families who may be involved in criminal activities, either as perpetrators, or as victims. New York State has a specific set of procedures for dealing with Juveniles (youths under the age of 16) who become involved in the legal system, the Juvenile detective keeps current with these requirements and resources.